NFL Combine Prep

XPE/ Villani Decade 1 Highlights and SHREDmill Intro to the World

NON Combine Clients into XPE SHREDmill Believers:

  • “Tony has helped me tremendously, just from the techniques of running and how to run on the SHREDmill they invented.  You can see people’s stride length and power improve.” All-Pro Super Bowl Champ WR Anquan Boldin
  • “Concerning Combine, I researched it and all of Tony’s guys tested well, especially in the last few years.  Tony does a great job and that is why I am here.”  Heisman Trophy Winner Pro Bowl RB Mark Ingram
  • “I formerly trained at numerous places, then I kept looking at who had the best results Combine wise, and it was a landslide…Tony Villani had the best results every year.” Pro Bowl DB Brandon Flowers

XPE SHREDmill Life – Trademarked & Patented

From XPE Combine to XPE NFL Success:

  • “Working on the SHREDmill and working the little details helped my get my stride and power back after ACL surgery.” S Eric Berry – All-Pro, Pro Bowl, Top 5 Overall Pick
  • “I had a great Combine experience with Tony and that made me stick with him throughout my entire NFL Career.” WR Pierre Garcon – MVP AFC Championship, Led NFL in Receptions 2013
  • “I chose Tony because I looked at his track history of great results.” LB LaVonte David – All-Pro
  • “He gets results and that is all you want. He gets you moving like a better athlete.” DB Byron Maxwell – Super Bowl Champion
  • “The SHREDmill really helped me going into the Combine and is an entirely different way to train for speed.” WR Travis Benjamin – #1 40 Yard of 2013 Combine
  • “The SHREDmill is as advertised and I feel like I have another gear.” DB Kareem Jackson – 1st Round Pick

Shane Ray at XPE Sports on Hey Rookie, courtesy of ESPN/ NFL Network

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